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Grove Church members believe that all we have belongs to God. We are stewards of all of the possessions that God has entrusted to us and therefore we need to be faithful with what we have been given. We should be careful in handling 100% of our money, not just what we give to Grove Church as part of our charitable giving. This means that we should be faithful with our possessions, including even the small things in our life. Then the Lord will provide what we need.

Giving to the church can become a blessing when we have the right attitude about giving; an attitude of love in giving is not just commendable, but crucial. Giving to the church is giving to the Lord —so why wouldn’t we want to give joyfully! Developing the habit of giving to the church demonstrates that we have put Christ first in our lives.

In the Old Testament, a tithe of 10% of income was the standard. While the 10% tithe is not specifically mentioned in the New Testament, it does teach to give in proportion to material blessings we have received. It is most important to give regularly, even sacrificially, to support the work of the church as a way of putting Christ first in all we do.

“As you have received, freely give!” –Mathew 10:8