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The Vision of Grove Church

Our Mission at Grove is simple yet profoundly important:

Living for Jesus. Changing Lives.

We live that out through our Vision of ministry:

Grove is a community of people who live for Jesus through Passionate Worship, Intentional Discipleship, and Transformational Outreach.


At Grove United Methodist Church we have embraced a mission: “Living for Jesus. Changing Lives.” We strive daily in our lives within the church and out in the world to be guided by this principle.

One of the methods we use to to integrate this mission into our lives is through the prayerful discernment of God’s Vision for Grove Church.

We believe God is leading us to accomplish our mission by living out this vision.  As a church we embrace this vision and understand it to be composed of three pillars that describe how we are called to live for Jesus.

The three pillars of our Vision are:

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