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Discipleship as a Pillar of Grove’s Vision

Discipleship is intentional

What Discipleship Means to Us…

  • Putting God first.
  • Discovering and developing our gifts through programs that foster everyone’s growth at all stages of their faith journey:
    • New to the faith
    • Stagnant in the faith
    • Struggling with the faith
    • Growing in the faith
  • Providing practical examples of how to use and apply faith to everyday life and equipping ourselves to use God’s gifts to affect the community through Christ.
  • Helping everyone grow and develop as disciples by teaching scripture and knowing the Bible.

Ways We Strive to Create Disciples

  • Capturing the callings and gifts of the congregation.DiscipleshipGraphic
  • Helping congregants live out their calling.
  • Finding opportunities to serve and to be served.
  • Expecting people to grow in faith.
  • Creating development opportunities.
  • Establishing an environment of Christian fellowship.

Grove desires to support people in the lifelong journey of becoming  disciples of Jesus Christ and growing in faith. Discipleship takes on many forms, from Classes to Fellowship to Nurturing and mentoring others.  Grove has created a Discipleship Program that is designed to enable people to grow in their knowledge of God, their love of the Lord and their service to the kingdom.  To read further about our discipleship goals please consider downloading our brochure.

You can find out more and share ideas about Discipleship by speaking with a Pastor, the Director of Christian Education or the Director of Youth  Ministries.

Discipleship is just one of the three pillars that serve as the foundation for Grove Church’s Vision. The other pillars include Worship and Transformational Outreach.

Grove’s Discipleship Goals Brochure:

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