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 Worship as a Pillar of Grove’s Vision

Worshiping God is our first priority.

What Worship Means to Us

  • Inviting the Holy Spirit through prayer, Biblical teaching and music.
  • Inspiring a deeper relationship with God.
  • Instilling a desire to understand God’s plan for us to become greater disciples, driving us to transform our world.
  • Accepting people as they are, wherever they are on their faith journey.
  • Intentionally welcoming everyone to God’s table.

Our Worship Priorities include:

  • Assuring that our services of worship honor the past, attend to the present, and contemplate the future.
  • Deliberately blending our Sermon message, Prayer, Holy Communion, Musical message, and liturgies to minister to the varying needs of the congregation.
  • Encouraging the sharing of prayer concerns and testimonies to invigorate our need to hear more about how God is working through our friends, our neighbors, and ourselves.
  • Making each service welcoming and inviting.
  • Creating a worship service that assumes there is someone in the church who has never been here before.

You can find out more and share ideas about Worship by speaking with the Pastors or one of the Directors of Music. Worship is something we do both corporately and individually. Our Prayer Chain and Prayer Shawl ministries invite you to let them know how they can be in prayer for you.

Contact Traditional Music ministry by emailing TraditionalMusic@grovechurch.org. Contact Contemporary Worship music ministry by emailing Piecesofone@grovechurch.org. Connect with our prayer ministry and share Prayer Requests by emailing PrayerRequests@grovechurch.org  Contact our Prayer Shawl ministry by emailing PayerShawls@grovechurch.org

Our goal is to enable each worshipper to experience the presence of God through passionate worship, Biblical preaching and inspiring music. If you are a visitor, you can learn more about what to expect in worship by going to  New Here.

Worship is just one of the three pillars that serve as the foundation for Grove Church’s Vision. The other pillars include Discipleship and Transformational Outreach.