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What We Believe

Grove United Methodist Church is a church firmly rooted in the Christian tradition. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world, sent by God to redeem us from the power of our sin and to offer us God’s grace and forgiveness. We believe that it is by faith in Jesus as Lord that we are saved from the consequences of our sin, given new birth and invited to live as transformed people through whom God reaches out to transform the world.

Grove is a historic church in the Methodist tradition. We were founded as a Methodist society in 1773 by Francis Asbury, one of the founders of American Methodism. As Methodists we believe in being intentional and methodical about our spiritual life, practicing the disciplines of the faith. We believe that we are each called to be disciples of Jesus by studying scripture, by considering tradition, and by using our reason and experience to apply Biblical principles to our daily living. We believe that we each have free will to respond to God’s love, and therefore we have a responsibility to share the good news of God’s love with others.

Grove Church believes in “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”, the motto of the United Methodist Church. We are intentional about welcoming and including all persons, and we realize that we are all sinners in need of grace. Our congregation welcomes all people who want to know more about Jesus and grow closer to God.

Grove Church is a congregation of people who are dedicated to growing in Christ and reaching out in Christian love.  Our mission is “Living for Jesus. Changing Lives.” We believe God works through the church to reach out and change not just individual hearts but entire systems, bringing about justice for all people.
We believe that God calls all disciples to care for those who are less fortunate in this world. Grove is an extremely active congregation involved in many varied ministries, supporting efforts in the local community through prayer, work and financial support. We are changing lives at the national level by our financial support and annual mission trips, and at the international level through our financial and prayer support as well as a quadrennial international mission trip.Check out the United Methodist Church website for further information about the Beliefs of the United Methodist Church.