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Finance Team

This team designs, builds, operates and manages the finance system for the congregation.  They raise, manage and disperse the finances so that the vision of the church can be achieved.

This committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month.   It’s members include:

  • Church treasurer
  • Financial secretary
  • Committee secretary
  • Steering team liaison member
  • Stewardship chairperson
  • Permanent endowment fund committee chairperson
  • SPRC and Trustees representatives
  • Other “at large” members who bring a wealth of wisdom, guidance and insights from their diverse backgrounds and experiences

All individuals hold a strong desire to serve God and provide financial and spiritual leadership in ways that go beyond just “volunteering” – by being stewards of the blessings that have been granted Grove UMC.  The members of this committee believe it is an honor and an awesome responsibility to serve in this capacity.

The committee prepares the annual financial plan (budget) of the church, and monitors the actual spending against the plan.  Their goal is to support the ministries and programs of the church by ensuring we have funds available when they are needed.  If there are new ministries or programs planned, the Finance Committee seeks to support these initiatives by providing financial planning.   Finance Work

The longer term Grove vision is funded through a stewardship team who runs an annual campaign to communicate the importance of stewardship and joyful giving.

The church treasurer pays the bills, handles payroll, and balances the bank accounts, as well as preparing the financial reports of the church.  The financial secretary is responsible for recording the financial offerings and maintaining the records of giving. The fundraising subcommittee coordinates and guides the various fundraising initiatives as they occur over time.

If you wish to make automatic debit donations to Grove , the Finance Committee can help facilitate that process.   The first step is to review the Grove Letter About Direct Deposit.   After reviewing this, send the Grove Direct Deposit Letter to Grove at 490 W. Boot Road, West Chester, PA, 19380.

Reimbursements for purchases made for Grove-supported functions are also made through the Finance Team.  Open the Grove Reimbursement Form and print it out.   After filling out the form, put it in Finance Committee mailbox in the Grove coatroom or drop it off at the Church Office.

Any questions for the Finance Committee should be sent to finance@grovechurch.org.


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