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Grove’s Web Team

This has been a great adventure, working with Grove associates, to put together what we hope will become the main source of information for everything Grove!     Linda S.

The Grove Web Team came together  in 2014 to design and create a new website for Grove United Methodist church.  The previous website had served Grove Church well for almost ten years, but continuing advances in technology provided us with the tools to create a new look and structure designed to meet the needs of  the church and our wider community for the years to come.   There was also a need to move to a simpler publishing technology so we can broaden the number of people who are able to support this.

The team conducted analysis on the demographic groups our web page needs to serve and how to appeal to each group. We hope that our website is appealing and easy to use for those visiting it for the first time as for Grove members catching up on the latest news.

Our team has been fortunate to work with a web design professional who has donated her services for this effort.  She guided the team in identifying target audiences, choosing a format that would work for Grove, teaching the team to use current web tools (WordPress), designing procedures and applying best practices to all that the team does.

Please reach out to the Grove web team with your input, suggestions and thoughts about how we can make this process work better for all of us!   See the Contact Us below to send us your thoughts!

We are always looking for people who want to join this team to learn more about web technology or those who have this knowledge and just want to jump in!   The publishing team works on a weekly rotation schedule, each team member has a week to handle the content provided and publish it.   We have 5 committed members to date, would welcome a few more, but for the current team, this means the rotation happens every 5 weeks.

Target Audience

Check out the Target Audiences for the Grove Website we hope to reach and serve.  They include yourself and your neighbors looking for a new church home.   They include all age levels, adult, seniors, teens, youth and toddlers.  Take a look at the main navigation. There are two navigation structures – one is targeted to the Grove organization (the navigation bar in the middle of the landing page) and the other is targeted to individual age groups and what they might be looking for (the navigation bar at the top of the page).

Workflow for Updates to the Web Page

There are three key players in this workflow:

  • Authors – people who submit content to be published.
  • Editors – staff who review the submission for completeness, proofreading and approval of the content
  • Publishers – the web team who takes this content and publishes it on the Grove website.

The form for web content submission is below.   It covers the work of all three key players, the Author, Editor and Publisher.

The purpose of having a form is to relieve the back and forth communication between the Author and Editor and Publisher to get complete information.   It is also important for us to get your insight as to who the target audience is for this event, so we can categorize it correctly.

Hard copies of this form are available in the Web Team mailbox in the Grove coatroom.   You can fill this out and place the information back in the Web Team mailbox.

If you have any input on this process, please send an email to webteam@grovechurch.org or talk to one of the Web Team members directly.  We look forward to working with you!

Pages vs. Posts

There are two kinds of information on this website, Pages and Posts.   Pages are the more static information that talks about what an organization or group at Grove does or what it’s mission is.   Posts are the notices of upcoming events which is where you can get involved.   Posts can be added to the website – they have start and end dates for when they appear on the site, so we can avoid having a post about Easter during the Christmas season and you do not have to remind us to remove the post!

We are starting out with a limited number of posts, and look for your input to add all of your upcoming event information.  Click on the link below to send us your information so we can get it published!

Form for web content submission:

You can submit content to the Web Editors and Web Publishers via email by attaching the completed Word document and sending it to webeditors@grovechurch.org.


If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of this form, you can print the Grove-Web-Content-Form-PDF, complete it and place it in the Web Team mailbox at Grove.

 Contact us:

We look forward to your feedback, both positive and negative, it is what will make this website a great resource for the Grove Community.  Send your thoughts, ideas and questions to the web team at webteam@grovechurch.org

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