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All this is God’s gift, offered to us without price.
From “By Water and the Spirit”-A United Methodist Document on Baptism

Grove Church offers the opportunity to both adults and children to begin their lifelong journey of faith in Jesus Christ through Baptism. We are received into the Body of Christ through Baptism and made part of God’s family. As an adult, the candidate is formally received as a professing member of the church and pledges to respond in faithful and loving service to the grace given them by God. When an infant is baptized, the parents, together with the congregation, promise to provide spiritual guidance, Christian teaching and example as the child grows. The goal is to lead the developing child towards accepting the covenant for him or herself eventually through Confirmation. The Baptism of infants and children provides a visual image of our faith, comparing our dependence on God to a child’s dependence on parents.

In 8th – 9th grade, youth are invited to participate in a yearlong Confirmation Class, preparing to claim their faith and become professing members of the church. Youth who have not been baptized may receive Baptism at that time after completing the Confirmation program.

Please contact the church office at (610) 696-2663 or talk to the Senior Pastor if you are interested in learning more about taking part in this important sacrament of Baptism or joining a Confirmation class.

Useful Information on Baptism within the United Methodist Church