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Christ Servant Ministry

Christ Servant Ministry is a program in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. This program provides training and opportunities for those who wish to examine God’s call in their lives to better utilize their gifts as lay people.

There are three choices for areas of concentration:

  • Leading
  • Caring
  • Communicating and Preaching

There are two levels:

Local Church Servant is the name for those who have completed the basic training course. The Basic Training Course is offered several times a year in various locations in the conference. It is a 10 hour course, usually in two parts with 3 hours on a Friday evening and 7 hours on a Saturday. It is also offered every year at the Academy for Laity Weekend in the summer.

Christ Servant Minister is the name for those who have completed the basic course as well as one or more advanced courses. The Advanced Course would be in one of the three areas (leading, caring or communicating).

Christ Servant Ministers at Grove

Grove has over 20 people who are either Local Church Servants or Christ Servant Ministers. These people serve in a variety of ways:

  • Serve as a member of the Steering Team
  • Serve as a member of the Nurture Team serving home communion and visiting in the hospital
  • Preaching and leading worship occasionally

The Christ Servant Minister group meets  under the leadership of Groves current Lay Leader, and there are plans to expand their role at Grove.

If you are interested in finding out more about Christ Servant Ministry, feel free to call to inquire at the Church Office at (610) 696-2663. In addition, upcoming training classes and activities will be announced in the weekly and monthly newsletters as well as on the Grove calendar. In addition, upcoming training opportunities are posted on the Christ Servant Ministry website.