In the New Testament Gospel accounts, Jesus calls Simon Peter and eleven others to follow him as disciples. For the next three years they will accompany him on his travels. They will spend every day with him, observing and learning from him as they go, allowing His example to shape and mold them. Today, we, too, are called to lives of discipleship, inviting Jesus to lead us not just on Sunday mornings but every day. Although Jesus is no longer physically present, we are shaped and molded as we explore God’s Word in Bible studies and small groups. We experience the Christian life as part of a community, enjoying fellowship together, caring for each other,  growing corporately in our faith and inviting others into our faith community.

At Grove Church, the life of discipleship is focused on three primary areas:

There are learning opportunities for every age level, designed to impart information as well as affect transformation. Classes on Sunday mornings offer learning opportunities for adults; some are long-term classes and others shorter 4-8 week sessions. Children and youth explore God’s Word in age level classes. Year-long intensive Bible studies, in the evenings and weekday mornings,  provide an in-depth look at Scripture. Our goal is to assist people to grow in their knowledge of and commitment to Jesus Christ.

Fellowship is an important aspect of discipleship. Sharing the joys of the Christian life with others, enjoying meals together and growing closer to others are the results of fellowship activities. Elementary age and youth fellowships bring together young people for activities. Dinner groups, weekend retreats, young adult gatherings, and special events for adults and families enable all ages to strengthen their sense of community.

The Nurture Team at Grove is the focal point of our ministry of care. When members of the church experience difficulties, this team is present to offer help with meals, visitation and more. The GriefShare group provides support in times of grief, and the Care Basket volunteers deliver a basket when there has been a death in the family. The Prayer Chain delivers prayer requests to the Prayer Warriors at Grove, for anyone who desires prayer.

Learning, fellowship, caring and mutual support – these are the primary elements of Discipleship at Grove.