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Families Get Connected

At Grove church we have an abundance of activities, events and opportunities which are part of our spiritual growth within a Christian community. We welcome all families, from all walks of life, to join us as we celebrate life with Christ. Explore further and we think you will agree that there is something here for your family. We love when families get connected!

Worship Together

Special seasonal services designed especially for families are not limited to Easter and Christmas Eve. Since all ages are active participants each Sunday in worship services, there are many opportunities for families to join together to praise God. Whether some family members participate in one of the choirs, volunteer to light advent candles or do a scripture reading,  your family can become actively involved in worship.

Sing in Unison

We have a very active music ministry program at Grove. Whether your family enjoys playing instruments, singing together or participating in drama presentations, all of this awaits you!

Outreach can be a family affair

Helping others through the donation of time, talent, money and love is not an exclusive activity of a small group adults. Not at Grove! Outreach opportunities are so numerous that if you wished, your family could participate in a different outreach effort each week. Many families find this a meaningful part of Grove’s Christian community. Please check out our outreach section here on the website to explore the potential ways to get involved. Among some of the popular options for families are:

Community & Fellowship Events for All

There are so many family-friendly events throughout the year, it is impossible to name them all. One of the highlights is the Ice Cream Social at the end of the summer. Your family might decide to participate as a member of one of the music ministry groups which participate in this event. Or you might enjoy just attending – enjoying some ice cream in a friendly environment and laughing as your youngest enters the bounce house for the 7th time. Another highlight might be Halloween’s Trunk or Treat. This event involves providing a safe trick or treat option that’s lots of fun for the young ones. Families come together and decorate their trunks in lots of creative ways to welcome costumed revelers. Check out Grove’s Calendar for the next community event.

Caring and Support Each Other

Staying connected can be a challenge for everyone at some time or other. The Nurture Team and many others strive to make sure that no one is forgotten. Families get connected and can participate in so many ways! One family favorite is to join a small group and bring some of the Christmas spirit to shut-ins and others by caroling at Christmas time. The Prayer Shawl ministry might be another activity for your family. Either at a meeting or at home your family might provide comfort to others by exercising rudimentary knitting skills (guidance cheerfully offered). Explore the Caring and Support section of Grove’s website to learn more about the ideal activity for your family.

Learning for All

Part of the road to discipleship, living as God intends, comes from continuing to learn more about the Bible and Christian perspectives in our world today. No matter what the age groups in your family, or extended family, there are possibilities to study and know more. On Sunday mornings there are Christian Education options for all ages. Throughout the year there are Bible studies and leadership workshops, offering options for all age groups.

Most Recent Announcements and Articles about Family Friendly Events:

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