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Mother to six year old:
“Jane, what are you doing?”
“I’m drawing God.”
“But darling, nobody knows what God looks like.”
“No mummy, they don’t yet, but they will when they’ve seen my drawing.”
—Robert Llewelyn, “Quotes About Children”

Cherished and Guided in the House of God

There are many reasons that the pitter patter of little feet find their way to Grove’s halls. Toddler parents report that our cheerful preschool staff nurture their little ones with such care. Sunday School becomes a routine Sunday morning activity filled with fun, crafts, music and a Bible lesson. Community events offer Christian fellowship and a safe, happy time among other children at Grove as they eat ice cream, jump in the bounce house, or dress in Halloween costumes to trick or treat in the church parking lot.

Holidays such as Christmas and Easter inevitably offer memory making moments like lighting candles and glow sticks at the Christmas Eve children’s service, hunting colored eggs at the Easter Fest or joining mom and dad to prepare the church for Christmas. These and similar events help the children at Grove connect with our Christian rituals. They help the littlest among us envision how they fit into God’s great plan.

Throughout the year there are more events that provide fun and frolic for children at Grove. Here is just a sampling of things kids report they like best:


  • Singing in Cherub Choir
  • Singing in Junior Choir
  • Playing an angel in the annual Christmas Pageant
  • Watching a brother or sister be baptized
  • Blessing of the Backpacks as school starts
  • Blessing of the Animals, where you can bring in your pet
  • Attending the ARISE! service with parents
  • Lighting candles on the altar and helping the Pastor as an acolyte


  • Bringing in a few school supplies for kids who don’t have them
  • Bringing in a can of food for the monthly Circle of Giving food drive
  • Helping put food into each bag for a family as part of the annual Christmas Basket project
  • Watching the pyramid of food donations grow as we collect food for the annual Thanksgiving Preschool Food Drive for one of the local food cupboards
  • Ringing Bells at the local shopping mall for the Salvation Army at Christmas time.
  • Joining mom, dad and grandma at the Stop Hunger Now Event. Being a runner is fun!
  • Collecting from friends and neighbors at Halloween, using the UNICEF box we got in Sunday School
  • Writing letters to the Governor as part of the Bread for the World Letter Writing Campaign
  • Buying a gift and bringing it in to church for one of the Christmas Gift Drives for those in Need
  • Handpicking camp supplies (flashlight, bug spray, etc) for the kids affected by HIV/AIDS attending Camp Dreamcatcher and supported by Grove



  • Playing catch at the Ice Cream Social
  • Jumping in the Bounce House after face painting at the Ice Cream Social
  • Summer Movie Nights
  • Munching with friends at Grove Preschool’s Lunch and Play program
  • Bowling with other elementary school kids with KICS (Kids in Christ)
  • Meeting with my Brownie Troop at Grove Church.
  • Once turning twelve, playing on Grove’s Christian basketball league
  • Sledding in the snow and gathering around the fire with my family at Pocono Plateau
  • Bouncing about on the annual hayride, followed by the hotdog roast at Camp Innabah

From the smallest babes to those kneehigh to a grasshopper and then even those that reach their parents shoulders without their tiptoes, Grove is blessed with their laughter and energy in the halls each week. As a congregation we feel truly fortunate to guide these young ones on their path, towards Christ.

Call the Church Office at (610) 696-2663 for more details on these or any other activities of interest to  you and your children. For more information about Christian Education please email ChristianEducation@GroveChurch.org. For details about Outreach opportunities for your kids and family contact Church&Society@GroveChurch.org. For traditional music opportunities contact TraditionalMusic@GroveChurch.org.

Grove’s Safe Sanctuary Policy  Safe Sanctuary Policy Adopted 10-6-15 adheres strictly to the Eastern Pennsylvania Safe Sanctuary Policy.  Grove is committed to keeping all children safe at all times.