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Round Robin Dinner Group

Round Robin Dinner Groups provide the opportunity to meet with other Grove members in an extended, more intimate way through sharing a meal in the homes of the people in your group.   It provides the chance to grow your relationships with your Grove friends, sharing stories about your lives, your thoughts and your connections with Grove.

Groups are formed 3 times per year with 6-8 members, anticipating that the group will set a schedule for meals together at member’s homes.  This typically results in 3-4 dinners where the group can share in the relationship building, camaraderie and love of Grove.  The host home provides the main course and assigns appetizers, salad and dessert to the other members of the group.


Sign-Up times for these groups will be included in the Weekly Bulletin, and signup sheets are available in the area near the kitchen, or you can contact Patti Klotz, Director of Christian Education.

Feedback from our participants:

I love these groups; it is so enjoyable getting to meet Grovers I knew only as acquaintances and now have grown into nice friendships.”  —Linda S.

“Round Robin is a way to meet people from Grove of different ages and different interests. With everyone bringing something for the meal, it is great, low cost entertainment.” —Kathy P.

“Round Robin provides a great opportunity to get to know your Grove family around an informal and intimate dinner table. I have enjoyed meeting so many folks at Grove through these dinners, some of whom have become dear friends.” —Celeste M.