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Grove Sports League

Grove is a member of the Downingtown Area Christian Sports League (DACSL)

DACSL members include:

  • Grove UMC
  • Hopewell UMC
  • East Brandywine Baptist
  • Calvary Fellowship
  • Calvary Chapel
  • Fairview
  • Christ Community WC
  • St. Peters
  • Exton UMC
  • St James
  • Hibernia UMC
  • Coatesville Bible Fellowship
  • Windsor
  • St. Elizabeth
  • Covenant Fellowship
  • Brandywine Grace
  • Gateway
  • Bridge Community
  • Freedom Life
  • Calvary Monument

What does this provide?

There is a sport taking place every month of the year. Usually every week throughout the year something is going on.

What Sports are offered?

  • Basketball- January through April
  • Softball- April through August
  • COED Volleyball- September- December
  • Winter (COED) Volleyball- January- April

What are the restrictions (age, gender)?

  • You must be 12 or over to participate.
  • The only sport that requires boys and girls is COED Volleyball.
  • On all teams, there are restrictions on the number of non-church attendees.

Where and what times are the games played?

  • Basketball– Hopewell United Methodist Church, Gateway, Pope John Paul, (Downingtown Area).  Games are at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00PM Mon/Tues/ Thurs
  • Softball– Fairview Church, Brandywine YMCA Forks of the Brandywine Church, East Brandywine Township Fields, (Downingtown Honeybrook Area) Games are at 6:30 Mon/Tues/ Thurs
  • COED Volleyball– Hopewell Life Center, Exton UMC Life Center, East Brandywine Life Center, Pope John Paul, Gateway (Downingtown/Lionville Area).  Games are at 7:00 or 8:30PM Mon/Tues/ Thurs
  • Winter Volleyball- Hopewell United Methodist Church, Exton United Methodist Church, East Brandywine Life Center, Pope John Paul, Gateway (Downingtown/Lionville Area).  Games are at 7:oo or 8:30PM Mon/Tues/ Thurs

Other opportunities:

  • Grove Annual Golf Tournament (June)
  • Eastern Pennsylvania  Conference United Methodist Church Softball Tournament (July)

This gives you the opportunity to join in fellowship with not only your fellow Grove members, but to make new friends and relationships with others in the community through sport. The chance to play alongsidef your son, daughter, dad, mom, spouse, or even best friend is a chance you should grab. Try it.

For more information please contact  Grove’s  Sports League Coordinator: