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Funerals at Grove Church

It is our prayer that the church be a source of comfort and guidance for you in your time of loss. Please contact the church office 610-696-2663 when you have lost a loved one. If the office is not open, the voice mail message has the cell phone number for the Senior Pastor. It is our privilege to walk beside you.  We want to provide pastoral care and comfort. We hope to help make arrangements for the funeral service.

Our Pastor will coordinate funerals at Grove Church including scheduling the availability of the church building, arrange for the organist (if desired), and contact  the Funeral Reception team. For members of our church family, the Reception Team provides beverages and cookies, and serves additional luncheon food if that is provided by the family.

Consider reviewing this meaningful article on the United Methodist Church website on our beliefs on what happens after a person dies.

Grove Methodist Cemetery

The surrounding grounds of Grove Church contain a cemetery that dates back to the mid 18th century. In the early 1940’s the management of the cemetery separated from the church. In 1957 the cemetery  incorporated as its own entity. The Grove Methodist Cemetery is currently administered by Grove Methodist Cemetery Association. The association consists of a board of five individuals. All inquiries regarding the cemetery should be directed to this independent group. They can be reached at (610) 696-6337.