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Health and Welfare at Grove

Among the many concerns at Grove Church are the health and welfare of the congregation and the community as a whole. Throughout the year Health and Welfare at Grove is improved through some of the following efforts.

Blood Pressure Screenings, Health Classes and Blood Drives

The Health and Welfare chairperson, a registered nurse, provides CPR classes at church for members and others at a nominal cost. Free blood pressure screenings and health teaching are provided at church events such as the Fall Fest.

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Medical Equipment Is Available

Grove provides durable medical equipment for the use of our congregation and the local community. Non-electrical equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers, canes, shower chairs, hi-rise toilet seats, bedside commodes and miscellaneous items. The use of these items avoids the need for individuals or insurance to pay for them. We also accept donations of these items which are used to supplement our inventory or pass along to other organizations with similar programs.

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Wellspring Newsletter

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church publishes a quarterly newsletter, Wellspring, which contains lots of great information about health and healing. Contributors are health professionals and the focus is on four areas:

  • physical activity
  • healthy diet and nutrition
  • tobacco-free and drug-free living
  • mental health education and promotion

Click to link to the Health and Healing page of the conference website.