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Knowledge & The Word

Grove offers opportunities for adults to increase their knowledge of scripture and the Christian life through Bible studies and other study opportunities. Bible Study for Today’s World meets Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, offering studies on:

  • Various books of the Bible
  • Biblical based topical studies
  • Studies that promote spiritual growth

Special studies are offered on topics of interest.  Past classes have included:

  • John the Baptist
  • Birds, Beasts and Plants of the Bible

Additional seasonal studies (for example, during Advent and Lent) are frequently taught either as an evening class or on Sunday morning.

Long- term studies based on the Disciple Series are offered starting in the fall and continuing through the school year. Classes are available both in the evening and on weekday mornings. Recent studies  include:

  • Disciple 1, which guides the reader through 70% of the Bible;
  • Disciple 2, which studies the books of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts
  • Christian Believer, which explores the fundamental tenets of our faith as Christians
  • Jesus in the Gospels, a comparison of the stories of Jesus in the four Gospels

Short-term weekly Bible studies are offered by the pastors over the summer and during church seasons such as Advent.

If you are interested in more information on any ongoing or planned Bible studies please call the Church Office (610) 696-2663.