Church Calendar

The Grove Calendar hosted by Google is the official calendar for our church and includes meetings, support groups, planning sessions, and bible studies as well as churchwide events. This calendar is available for viewing but can be a little overwhelming because Grove is such an active congregation.

On the Highlight Calendar published on the Grove website we will strive to highlight some of the largest events, anything we are encouraging the community to attend, and our worship services. In this way you can see at a glance what is happening at Grove each month.


At Grove we publish a wide variety of publications throughout the year that serve both the congregation and various groups. We will publish many of these here on the website so they are readily available to any who are interested.Grove publications

Among the publications regularly posted are:


A podcast is recorded each week by Grove’s tech team of this week’s sermon. This sermon podcast is then published made available via a link on the website. If you have any trouble accessing the podcast please let the staff in the church office know via email.

Photos Galleries, Videos & Audio

On this page featuring media of all kinds you will be able to gain access to a list of the most recently posted media related to Grove Church. Among the media you might see will be photo galleries, videos and audio recordings as they come available. If you wish to submit video or other media for consideration please email The Web Editors.

Most Recent Articles and Announcements

Below is a list of the most recent news and articles that have been posted on the Grove Church website. Check it out!