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“The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.” — Elisabeth Elliot

Calling All Women

Women helped shaped Methodism dating back to the 1700’s . In the modern Methodist Church, women are welcome in all roles . For this reason, most of the missions and projects available at Grove Church are open to both men and women. The level of interest in activities crosses gender and generational lines. There are a few exceptions among the dozens of options. Cherub Choir, for example, is for children ages 4 through 1st Grade, Elderberries  is for seniors of any gender, UMM (United Methodist Men) is for men and UMW (United Methodist Women)  is for women.

It is recognized that many women are capable of and interested in swinging a hammer and helping with home improvement and repairs. Good Works Workdays , Trustees WorkdaysASP (Appalachia Service Project) and many other churchwide and outreach  activities are not gender specific. Any able-bodied person is warmly welcomed.

UMW (United Methodist Women) is a nationally recognized organization of the United Methodist Church. It is an active group at Grove, just as it is in most Methodist churches. This fellowship of women supports small groups, called circles, to enhance the activities and the fellowship shared by the women who wish to attend. Circles are focused around a study or book or an issue of concern to women and children. They also provide additional fellowship and spiritual growth. A commitment to UMW does not mean a commitment to all of its activities. Give any activity a try ! You might surprise yourself.

Explore the website to discover that whether you are into knitting , volleyball,  Bible study or visiting shut-ins, there is something at Grove for you. Whether you are single, a mother or a grandmother, there are bound to be a wide variety of projects and groups for you. Consider joining women with similar interests and share your challenges, your joys and your Christian faith in a positive community that sincerely welcomes you.

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