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 Traditional Worship

Traditional worship at Grove keeps us in touch with the deepest roots of the Christian faith. Central to the act of worship is allowing ourselves to be touched by the Spirit of God. Each element of worship has the potential for accomplishing this. God can speak to us anywhere, but it is in the intentional act of worship that we put ourselves into a place where we can hear God’s voice, whether it be through singing, prayer, reading Scripture or a sermon.

Traditional worship at Grove is not a performance; it is participatory. We seek to involve everyone in the act of worship. It is our hope that the worship experience will comfort those who are challenged by the brokenness of our world, while challenging those who are a bit too comfortable with the status quo.

Each Sunday our worship services are enhanced by the contributions from Grove’s Traditional Music Ministry. During our traditional worship services you might celebrate the love of Jesus Christ through the singing of hymns or an anthem from the Tabernacle Choir. Often the Cherub Choir or the Junior Choir share something they have prepared in a joyful celebration of faith.

We invite you to come and worship with us! See you Sunday!